Green Building

Green building is defined as “a practice of creating structures that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient through out a building's life cycle, from construction to demolition”.

When building a home with Pete Vanden Berg, you will learn about components that subscribe to this philosophy including geothermal, insulation, energy saving appliances and light fixtures, water heating and conservation fixtures, low-E glass and all aspects of the home building project. Pete is a certified Building Analyst with the Building Performance Institute and trained in green building and energy efficient homes at the Building Science Academy.

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Architectural Design

Building a custom home always requires a great set of plans. With Pete Vanden Berg, your ideas are reviewed and then put into architectural design matching the needs of your family without sacrificing style and space. All plans are engineered for structural design and comply with local and State building codes and the new energy efficiency codes adopted by Michigan in 2011.

If you struggle with color, design and flooring selections, we offer assistance for you with several members of our building team that specialize in those areas.

Vacation Homes

Service Area

Looking to build that cottage or vacation home in Northern Michigan? Pete Vanden Berg will build your project on your land, ensuring that our local quality and craftsmanship attend to your out-of town project. Each project includes weekly picture updates E-mailed directly to you at home or work.


With today's challenging housing market, financing need not become an obstacle. Pete will assist you in finding the latest and most aggressive financing that offer simple one-time closings for new construction with easy terms and low cost closing fees. It's always a great idea to do some homework prior to planning a custom home and see where your budget plays out. You can best achieve this with a simple mortgage calculator ( The cost of a custom built home is greatly impacted by the quality and features that you select and the location of the house. Don't forget about the associated long term costs such as taxes, insurance and maintenance. Beware of builders that offer “price per square foot” packages and take the time with Pete to learn what your dollar will get you.

Basements and Out Buildings

For many customers, a basement finish is a sensible option. Finishing a basement is a great way to add that much needed space of your home without moving or building a brand new one. The same subcontractors and craftsman that work on our new custom projects will also finish your basement ensuring you the type of finished project that you would expect. Pete will help you design your basement and transform it into a warm and functional part of your home.

Pole buildings and out buildings are something that many of our custom home clients add to their projects. Pole buildings are a great way to increase property value and often times enhance the beauty of your home while freeing up the basement and garage clutter.

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